Enter your data for Gage Linearity and Bias Study

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Complete the following steps to specify the gage linearity and bias study data.

  1. In Part numbers, enter the column that contains the part names or numbers.
  2. In Reference values, enter the column that contains the reference values for each part. The reference value is the known standard measurement for each part.
  3. In Measurement data, enter the column that contains the observed measurements.
  4. (Optional) In Process variation, enter a value that represents 6 * the process standard deviation, if you have it. You can either enter the process standard deviation from the Total Variation row of the Study Var (6 * SD) column of the output from a gage R&R study, or you can enter a known value (6 * the historical standard deviation).

In this worksheet, Part contains the part number identifiers, Reference contains the known standard measurement, and Response contains the measurement of each part.
C1 C2 C3
Part Reference Response
1 2 2.7
1 2 2.5
1 2 2.4
2 2 2.5

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