Specify the default settings for the ANOVA table tests for Logistic and Poisson Regressions

File > Options > Linear Models > Logistic and Poisson Regressions

Test for ANOVA table

Select the test for the ANOVA table.
  • Wald test: The default Wald test works well in most cases.
  • Likelihood ratio test: Use this option if you prefer the Likelihood ratio test.
Type of deviance
Select a deviance for calculating the chi-square values and the p-values. It is most common to use the adjusted deviance. Use the sequential deviance to determine the significance of terms by the order that they enter the model.
  • Adjusted (Type III): Measures the reduction in the deviance for each term relative to a model that contains all the remaining terms.
  • Sequential (Type I): Measures the reduction in the deviance when a term is added to a model that contains only the terms before it.
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