Use Stack Worksheets to combine two or more open worksheets that have columns with identical names. Data from the columns with the same names are stacked.

For example, a quality engineer records operator and part information for two plants in separate worksheets. The engineer combines the information by stacking the worksheets. The extra column from Plant2.MTW is included.


C1-T C2
Operator Parts
Jorge 22
Melanie 24
Lucia 17
Chris 15


C1-T C2 C3
Operator Parts Machine
Belinda 24 1
Don 27 2
Phyllis 28 1

Stacked worksheet

C1-T C2 C3 C3
Operator Parts Machine Source
Jorge 22 * Plant1.MTW
Melanie 24 * Plant1.MTW
Lucia 17 * Plant1.MTW
Chris 15 * Plant1.MTW
Belinda 24 1 Plant2.MTW
Don 27 2 Plant2.MTW
Phyllis 28 1 Plant2.MTW

Stored constants, matrices, design objects, formulas, and worksheet descriptions are not transferred into the stacked worksheet.

Where to find this command

To stack worksheets, choose Data > Stack Worksheets.

When to use an alternate command

If you want to combine two open worksheets into one new worksheet by placing columns side-by-side, use Merge Worksheets.