An inventory manager enters part numbers in one column and sizes in another column. The manager wants to concatenate the columns together into one column of parts.

  1. In the first column name cell, type Item number.
  2. Copy and paste, or type the following data into the Item number column:
  3. In the second column name cell, type Size.
  4. Copy and paste, or type the following data into the Size column:
  5. Change the data type of the Item number column from numeric to text.
    1. Choose Data > Change Data Type.
    2. In Variables, enter Item number.
    3. From Choose type, select Text, then click OK.
  6. Choose Data > Concatenate.
  7. In Concatenate text columns, enter Item number and Size.
  8. In Store result in, type 'Item number and size'.
  9. Click OK.


The original text values are in C1 and C2. The concatenated values are in C3.

C1-T C2-T C3-T
Item number Size Item number and size
6501 S 6501S
6501 M 6501M
6502 M 6502M
6502 L 6502L
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