To use this function, choose Calc > Calculator.

Calculates 10n, where n is the specified number. For example, the antilog of 2 is 102 = 100.


Some calculators define the Antilog function using a base other than 10, such as base e. In Minitab, the inverse function for the natural logarithm is the Exponential function.



In number, specify the value or column of values. Minitab calculates 10n.


Calculator expression Result
ANTILOG(3) 1000


The antilog is the inverse of the log base 10. You can use the antilog to calculate the original values of data that were previously transformed using a log base 10. For example, if an original data value is 18,349, the log base 10 of 18,349 ≈ 4.2636124. To transform 4.2636124 back to the original value, use antilog (4.2636124) ≈ 18,349.

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