Define the contour values for Contour Plot

To perform this analysis in Minitab, go to the menu that you used to fit the model, then choose Contour Plot > Contours. For more information, go to Stored model overview.
Contour Levels
  • Use defaults: Minitab determines the number of contour levels, which can be from 4 to 7.
  • Number: Specify the number of contour levels to include on the plot. You can enter an integer from 2 to 11.
  • Values: Specify the values of the contour lines in the units of your data. You can enter values for 2 to 11 contour levels.
Data Display
Shade the areas that represent the values for the response, which are called contours.
Contour lines
Draw lines along the boundaries of each contour.
Symbols at design points
If you have a factorial design or a response surface design, you can display a symbol at each data point in the design.
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