Specify the model terms for Predict Taguchi Results

Stat > DOE > Taguchi > Predict Taguchi Results > Terms

You can specify the terms in the model to predict the results. For example, you may decide not to include a factor in the prediction because the response table and main effects plot indicate that the factor is not statistically significant. You can also decide whether or not to include selected interactions in the model, based on statistical significance. Interactions included in the model will affect the predicted results.

Specify the terms to use in your model. By default, Minitab selects the terms that were used in Analyze Taguchi Design, or you can choose the terms directly from the list of all available terms.
Available Terms
Lists all the terms that you can add to the model.
Selected Terms
Lists all the terms that Minitab includes in the model.
Use the arrow buttons to move Available Terms to Selected Terms. Select one or more terms in one of the lists, then click an arrow key. The double arrows move all the terms in one list to the other. You can also move a term by double-clicking it.
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