Specify the factor levels for Predict Taguchi Results

Stat > DOE > Taguchi > Predict Taguchi Results > Levels
Specify the levels of the factors for which you want to predict results.
Specify new levels of factors in
  • Uncoded units: Enter the factor levels using natural units of the data, such as the actual temperature settings of 100° and 200°.
  • Coded units: Minitab codes the factor levels. Coded units are convenient values for comparing factors. If you did not assign factor levels, Minitab uses the default coded units of 1, 2, 3, and so on.
Method of specifying new factor levels
  • Select variables stored in worksheet: Specify factor levels that are in a worksheet column.
  • Select levels from a list: Select levels from a list of the existing factor levels.
Displays the factors that are included in the model. This column does not take any input.
If you select Select variables stored in worksheet, enter one worksheet column for each variable. Each column must contain the values for one variable. You must enter the same number of values in each column and the column must contain values that match the values that you used to fit the model.
If you select Select levels from a list, click the row and select the factor level from the drop-down list.
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