Specify the factors for Create Taguchi Design

Stat > DOE > Taguchi > Create Taguchi Design > Factors

Complete the following steps to assign factor names, level values, and array columns. You can also specify interactions to estimate.

Assign Factors

  1. Specify whether you want to estimate interactions. If you specify interactions, Minitab assigns factors to the array columns. If you don't specify interactions, you can change the array columns if you want.
    • To columns of the array as specified below: Assign factors to different columns of the orthogonal array to change the combinations of factor settings in the experiment. The columns that you assign refer to columns of the orthogonal array, so the assignments do not affect the order of the factors in the worksheet. For example, if you assign factor A to column 3 of the array, the first column of the worksheet still contains factor A.
    • To allow estimation of selected interactions: Minitab automatically assigns factors to array columns in order to estimate the selected interactions. For more information, go to Interactions and interaction tables in Taguchi designs.

      Click Interactions to specify the interactions to estimate.

  2. Under Name, enter a descriptive name for each factor. By default, Minitab names the factors alphabetically, skipping the letter I.
  3. Under Level Values, enter the level values for each factor. For example, an engineer wants to test four different temperatures and enters 150 200 250 300.
  4. Under Column, select the array columns for each factor. If you select interactions to estimate, you cannot change the array columns that Minitab assigns. Levels shows the number of levels for each factor. You cannot change the number of levels here. If you want to change the number of factor levels, go to Specify the type of design for Create Taguchi Design.

Signal Factor for a dynamic design

  1. Under Name, enter a descriptive name for the signal factor. By default, Minitab uses Signal.
  2. Under Level Values, enter numeric level values for the signal factor.
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