Interpret the key results for Create Response Surface Design (Central Composite)

Use the summary of the design to examine the key design properties. Most properties of the design match selections that you made for the base design during design creation.

Central Composite Design

Design Summary Factors: 2 Replicates: 2 Base runs: 14 Total runs: 28 Base blocks: 2 Total blocks: 4 α = 1.41421 Two-level factorial: Full factorial Point Types Cube points: 8 Center points in cube: 6 Axial points: 8 Center points in axial: 6

This design includes 2 factors with 14 base runs. The total number of runs is 28 because the design has 2 replicates. The design has 2 base blocks and a total of 4 blocks because the replicates are blocked.

The design includes 8 cube points, 6 center points in cube blocks, 8 axial points, and 6 center points in axial blocks.

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