Use Factorial Plots to plot the relationships between the response and the variables.
  • Use a main effects plot to display the relationship between the response and individual variables.
  • Use an interaction plot to display how the relationship between one variable and a fitted response depends on the value of a second variable.
Use Cube Plot when you have a two-level factorial design or a mixture design and you want to show the relationship between the factors and a response. Each cube can show three factors. If there are only two factors, Minitab displays a square plot. Minitab draws as many cubes as necessary to show up to eight factors. Center points are displayed only for designs with five or fewer factors. In a mixture design, cube plots can show the following:
  • The combinations of factor settings and the data mean for each combination.
  • The combinations of factor settings without any response means.

To learn more, go to Factorial Plots and Cube Plot in the using fitted models area.

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