Data considerations for Define Custom Mixture Design

Consider the following guidelines when you define the design.

The size of the design should be adequate
The sample size and power should be desirable for a practically important effect size.
The design should have 2 to 20 components
To define a mixture experiment in Minitab, you must have at least two components that are continuous. If you do not have at least two components, you don't have a mixture.
The design can have up to 7 process variables
Process variables are factors in an experiment that are not part of the mixture but may affect the response. For example, the adhesive properties of a paint may depend on the temperature at which it is applied.
The run order should be randomized for data collection
If the worksheet contains a column that contains the run order, you can specify that column when you define the design. Otherwise, you can randomize the design after you define the design with Stat > DOE > Modify Design.
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