Specify the type of design for Create Mixture Design

Stat > DOE > Mixture > Create Mixture Design

Complete the following steps to specify that you want to create a mixture design.

  1. In Type of Design, select one of the design types. For more information, go to What is a mixture design?, Choose a mixture design, and What is an extreme vertices design?.
    Keep the following issues in mind when you select a design:
    • To compare the number of runs for a simplex centroid design and a simplex lattice design, click the Display Available Designs button.
    • The simplex lattice design allows you to choose the degree of the lattice, which adjusts the investigation of the design space to meet your requirements.
    • The simplex lattice design can fit more complex models than the simplex centroid design.
    • If you want to place linear constraints on the components in your design, create an extreme vertices design. For more information, go to How are linear constraints different than component bounds in a mixtures design?.
  2. In Number of components, select how many components to study. The response is assumed to depend on the proportions of the components in the mixture.
  3. Before Minitab creates the design, you must click Designs to specify other design characteristics.
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