Specify the term options for Stepwise for Analyze Mixture Design

Stat > DOE > Mixture > Analyze Mixture Design > Terms > Options

This dialog box is active only when you choose Stepwise under Model Fitting Method in the main dialog box for Analyze Mixture Design.

The stepwise method starts with an empty model, or includes the terms you specify to include in the initial model or in every model. Then, Minitab adds or removes a term for each step. Minitab stops when all variables not in the model have p-values that are greater than the specified Alpha to enter value and when all variables in the model have p-values that are less than or equal to the specified Alpha to remove value. For more information, go to Using stepwise regression and best subsets regression.

Selected Terms
Shows the terms that you chose in the Terms dialog box to include as candidates for the final model.
Forced Terms
Enter the terms that you want to keep in the model regardless of their p-values.
Terms to Begin with
Enter a starting set of model terms. These terms are removed if their p-values are greater than the Alpha to remove value.
Alpha to enter
Enter the alpha value that Minitab uses to determine whether a term is entered into the model.
Alpha to remove
Enter the alpha value that Minitab uses to determine whether a term is removed from the model.
Number of alternative terms to show
Enter a number to display the next best alternate terms up to the number requested. If a new term is entered into the model, Minitab displays the term which was the second best choice, the third best choice, and so on.
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