Overview for Analyze Mixture Design

Use Analyze Mixture Design to analyze a designed experiment when the response depends on the relative proportions of mixture components, such as the ingredients in bread dough. You can also include process variables and total amounts of the mixture. For more information, go to What is a mixture design?.

Before you can analyze your data, you must use Create Mixture Design or Define Custom Mixture Design to enter your design in a Minitab worksheet. You also need to enter your response data in the worksheet.

For example, food scientists want to produce a better tasting fruit bar. After creating an extreme vertices design, they analyze the data to determine the proportions of strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry filling that produce the best flavor. They also find the best setting for the process variable of cooking temperature.

Where to find this analysis

Stat > DOE > Mixture > Analyze Mixture Design

When to use an alternate analysis

If you have a design in the worksheet but Minitab doesn't recognize it, you may need to use Define Custom Mixture Design.

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