Find definitions and interpretations for every statistic in the Means table.


The sample size (N) is the total number of observations in each group.


The sample size affects the confidence interval and the power of the test.

Usually, a larger sample yields a narrower confidence interval. A larger sample size also gives the test more power to detect a difference. For more information, go to What is power?.


The mean of the observations within groups based on one or more categorical variables. The mean describes each group with a single value identifying the center of the data. It is the sum of all the observations in a group divided by the number of observations in that group.


Use the Means table to understand the statistically significant differences between the factor levels in your data. The mean of each group provides an estimate of each population mean. Look for differences between group means for terms that are statistically significant.

For main effects, the table displays the groups within each factor and their means. For interaction effects, the table displays all possible combinations of the groups. If an interaction term is statistically significant, do not interpret the main effects without considering the interaction effects.

In these results, the Means table shows how the mean thickness varies by time, machine setting, and each combination of time and machine setting. Setting is statistically significant and the means differ between the machine settings. However, because the Time*Setting interaction term is also statistically significant, do not interpret the main effects without considering the interaction effects. For example, the table for the interaction term shows that with a setting of 44, time 2 is associated with a thicker coating. However, with a setting of 52, time 1 is associated with a thicker coating.

General Linear Model: Thickness versus Time, Operator, Setting

Means Term Fitted Mean Time 1 67.7222 2 68.7222 Setting 35 40.5833 44 73.0833 52 91.0000 Time*Setting 1 35 40.6667 1 44 70.1667 1 52 92.3333 2 35 40.5000 2 44 76.0000 2 52 89.6667
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