Enter the sub-causes for Cause-and-Effect Diagram

Stat > Quality Tools > Cause-and-Effect
You can add sub-branches to any branch in the cause-and-effect diagram.

You can change or add sub-branches after you create a cause-and-effect diagram. Right click on the cause-and-effect diagram and choose Graph Options.

Complete the following steps to enter the sub-causes.
  1. Click the Sub button for each branch that you want to add sub-branches to.
  2. Under Causes, select In column or Constants from the drop-down menu. Use the information in Label to know which sub-branch to add.
    • In column: Enter the column that contains the causes. Values in the columns can contain up to 72 characters.
    • Constants: Type the list of causes directly into the dialog box. Use a blank space between causes. If a cause contains multiple words, enclose the cause in double quotation marks. For example, "Operator training".

    The Label column lists the causes from the branch. You cannot change the sub-branch label here. To change the sub-branch label, you must update the column of the worksheet or retype the causes into the dialog.

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