Perform a gage R&R study with multiple operators and one part

The gage R&R tools in Minitab require multiple operators and multiple parts. Conversely, Type 1 Gage Study in Minitab requires one operator and one part.

If you have multiple operators and one part, follow these instructions to assess gage repeatability and reproducibility:

  1. Arrange your data in stacked format, with Operator names in one column, and all measurements in a separate column.
  2. Choose Stat > ANOVA > General Linear Model > Fit General Linear Model.
  3. In Responses, enter the column that contains your measurements, such as 'Measurements'.
  4. In Factors, enter the column that contains your operator identifiers, such as 'Operator'.
  5. Click Random/Nest. In Factor type, choose Random for 'Operator'.
  6. Click OK in each dialog box to run the analysis.

In the output, the Variance Component for Operator is the reproducibility variance. The Variance Component for Error is the repeatability variance.

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