Example of Bootstrapping for 1-sample function with a proportion

An editor of a video game web site wants to determine the proportion of readers that own a PlayStation console. The editor uses a bootstrap for the proportion to examine the sampling distribution of the proportion and to estimate a confidence interval for the proportion of readers that own a PlayStation console.

  1. Choose Calc > Resampling > Bootstrapping for 1-Sample Function.
  2. In Statistic, select Proportion.
  3. From the drop down, select Summarized data.
  4. In Number of events, enter 124.
  5. In Number of trials, enter 200.
  6. Click Options. Enter 1 in Base for random number generator.

    Using Base for random number generator ensures that your results match the example.

  7. Click OK in each dialog box.

Interpret the results

The 95% CI indicates that the editor can be 95% confident that the population proportion of readers that own a PlayStation is between approximately 0.56 and 0.69. The histogram shows that the bootstrap distribution appears to be normal, so the editor can trust the results.

Bootstrapping for 1-Sample Proportion

Observed Sample N Proportion 200 0.620000
Bootstrap Samples for Proportion Number of Resamples Average 95% CI for p 1000 0.619255 (0.555000, 0.690000)
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