Select the analysis options for Binned Scatterplot

Specify the log scale and how you want Minitab to display the color gradient.

Graph > Binned Scatterplot > Options

Log transformation

Select either Y-scale, X-scale, or both to transform the corresponding scale. Minitab transforms the scale using logarithm base 10.

A logarithmic scale linearizes logarithmic relationships by changing the axis, so that the same distance represents different changes in value across the scale. For example, in the scatterplot with the untransformed x-scale, the function y = log(x) is not linear. When you transform the x-scale to logarithm base 10, the form of the data is linear.
Untransformed x-scale
Transformed x-scale (log base 10 transformation)

Gradient type

Select the color scale for the bins.
Bins with high values are red, and bins with low values are blue.
Sequential from low to high
Bins with high values are dark blue, and bins with low values are light blue and light gray. You can use this option to highlight bins with more productivity or to maximize revenue.
Sequential from high to low
Bins with low values are dark blue, and bins with high values are light blue and light gray. You can use this option to highlight bins with low defect rates or to minimize cost.

Gradient symmetric around value (optional)

Enter a value to center the gradient scale at a specific value rather than the center of the grouping variable or the frequency of the binned data. For example, a research team selects the gradient to be defined by the mean of the profit of all the products in the bin. The owner enters 0 as the Gradient symmetric around value (optional) so that bins with products that made a positive profit are a different color than those that lost money.

This option is only available when you select Diverging from Gradient type.

Use same gradient scale for all graphs

Use the same color gradient scale across all graphs. For the same pair of x y-variables, the gradient scale will always be the same.

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