To use this function, choose Calc > Calculator.

Calculates and stores the ranks of the input column.



In number, specify the column. Minitab assigns rank scores to the values in the column: 1 to the smallest value, 2 to the next smallest, and so on. Ties are assigned the average rank for that value. Missing values are left as missing. Ranked scores are stored in a column.


A manufacturer of plastic parts wants to rank her machines by the number of defective pieces they produce. She records the number of defective pieces produced by each machine in a week, then enters the expression RANK(C1) and stores the results in C3.

C1 C2 C3
Number of Defectives Machine Rank
150 A 1.5
336 B 5
210 C 3
150 D 1.5
302 E 4

Other uses

Some analyses use ranks instead of the raw data. For example, Minitab uses ranks in some nonparametric analyses.

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