To use this function, choose Calc > Calculator.

For any nonnegative number , the square root is the nonnegative number n such that . The square root can be represented by or .

For example, .



For number, specify the number or column of numbers. If you enter a negative number, Minitab returns a missing value.


Calculate expression Result
SQRT(64) 8
SQRT(0.25) 0.5


The square root has many applications in statistics. For example:
  • To estimate the standard deviation in regression, Minitab calculates the square root of the mean square of the error (MSE).
  • To transform skewed data using the Box-Cox transformation (with lambda = 0.5), Minitab calculates the square root of the data values.
  • To make a box or range plot width proportional to the sample size, Minitab makes the width of each box proportional to the square root of the number of observations in the box.
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