Messages about the number of corner points in a power and sample size calculation

You might see the following messages in Minitab when using Stat > Power and Sample Size > 2-Level Factorial Design:
  • * ERROR * Number of corner points <= number of factors
  • * ERROR * Maximum number of corner points = 128

The only factorial designs for which you can calculate power and sample size in Minitab are those that you can create using Stat > DOE > Factorial > Create Factorial Design, with the exception of 2-level split-plot designs.

For example, you can't calculate power and sample size for a design with 9 factors and 8 corner points (because it has more factors than runs) or a design with more than 128 corner points.

For assistance in selecting an available factorial design, choose Stat > DOE > Factorial > Create Factorial Design, select 2-level factorial (default generators) or Plackett-Burman design and click Display Available Designs. This dialog box does not take any input, but displays a table that shows available factorial designs, based on:
  • the number of factors of interest
  • the number of runs you can do
  • the resolution of the design that you want

You can only calculate power and sample size for designs that Minitab displays in these tables.

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