Display or change the alias structure for a Taguchi design

Display the alias structure

If you have a 2-level L4, L8, L16, or L32 design, you can use Analyze Factorial Design to display the alias structure.

For example, you create an L8 Taguchi design with three 2-level factors. You enter the factors in C1, C2, and C3, and the responses in C4 and C5. To display the alias structure:
  1. Choose Stat > DOE > Factorial > Define Custom Factorial Design.
  2. In Factors, enter C1 C2 C3.
  3. Click Low/High. Click OK in each dialog box.
  4. Choose Stat > DOE > Factorial > Analyze Factorial Design.
  5. In Responses, enter C4. Click OK.

Minitab displays the alias structure. You can disregard the other output.


To analyze the design, you must re-define it as a Taguchi design.

  1. Choose Stat > DOE > Taguchi > Define Custom Taguchi Design.
  2. In Factors, enter C1-C3. Enter a signal factor if applicable. Click OK.

Change the alias structure

To change the alias structure when creating a Taguchi design:
  1. Choose Stat > DOE > Taguchi > Create Taguchi Design > Factors.
  2. Enter the columns of the array to which you want to assign the factors.
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