Specify the interactions for Create Taguchi Design

Stat > DOE > Taguchi > Create Taguchi Design > Factors > Interactions
Select the interactions that you want to estimate. With some, but not all, Taguchi designs (orthogonal arrays) you can study a limited number of 2-way interactions. Minitab assigns factors to array columns in a way that avoids confounding with main effects. For more information, go to Interactions and interaction tables in Taguchi designs.
Available Terms
The list of all interactions that are available to estimate. Interaction terms are in Available Terms unless they are in Selected Terms.
Selected Terms
The list of interactions for Minitab to estimate.
The list of the factors and their assigned names. This field only displays factors, it does not take any input.
Use the arrow buttons to add and remove terms between Available Terms and Selected Terms.
Move the terms that you selected in the Available Terms list to the Selected Terms list.
Move all terms in Available Terms to Selected Terms.
Remove the terms that you selected in the Selected Terms list.
Remove all interaction terms from the Selected Terms list.
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