Automate and customize Minitab with programming (COM)

How to use programmatic control (e.g., COM) to automate and customize Minitab

Minitab provides two type-libraries for automating and customizing Minitab. The Mtb 17.0 Type Library enables programmatic control of the Minitab application via COM. The Minitab 17.0 Addin Interface allows you to build your own "MyMenu" add-ins to Minitab via COM DLLs.

For more information on both of these libraries, see the Automation Help for COM and MyMenu which is accessible as follows:

  1. Open Minitab and choose Help > Help.
  2. In the Help contents pane, choose Minitab Automation from the References section.
  3. On the page Minitab Automation Help, click the link Minitab Automation to launch a separate Help viewer dedicated entirely to COM and MyMenu.

How to add a reference to Minitab's type library in

To reference Minitab's type library in a project with Visual Studio, do the following:

  1. Choose Project > Add Reference.
  2. Click the COM tab.
  3. Select Mtb 17.0 Type Library and click OK.
  4. After you add the reference, save the project.
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