Blank Xbar or individuals control chart

This macro creates a blank Xbar or Individuals control chart where the control limits are based on historical information. There are two choices for obtaining the control limits: Calculate the control limits based on a historical mean and a historical sigma or directly enter the values for the historical upper and lower control limits.

Download the Macro

Be sure that Minitab knows where to find your downloaded macro. Choose Tools > Options > General. Under Macro location browse to the location where you save macro files.


If you use an older web browser, when you click the Download button, the file may open in Quicktime, which shares the .mac file extension with Minitab macros. To save the macro, right-click the Download button and choose Save target as.

Required Inputs

  • Mean value
  • Either sigma and subgroup size, or upper and lower control limits
  • Number of subgroups
  • X-axis label
  • Y-axis label
  • Title

Optional Inputs

Use to create the chart without specifying X- and Y-axis labels for the chart.

Running the Macro

To run the macro, click anywhere in the Session window and choose Editor > Show Command Line. At the command prompt (MTB>), type the following:


Press Enter.

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