Change the settings on an optimization plot

You might want to change the variable settings on the optimization plot for one of the following reasons:
  • Search for settings with a higher composite desirability
  • Search for lower-cost settings with near optimal properties
  • Explore the sensitivity of response variables to changes in the settings
  • Calculate the predicted responses for settings of interest
  • Explore settings in the neighborhood of a local solution

To change the settings on the plot:

  • Drag the vertical red lines with your mouse or by clicking the current level shown in brackets and typing a new value. When you change a variable to a new level, the graphs are re-drawn and the predicted responses and desirabilities are automatically re-calculated.
  • For Mixture designs, if you change the level of one component, other components adjust to keep the total amount constant. If you want to keep the level of a component at its current level, you can click the brackets beside its name to lock it.
  • If you discover a combination of settings with a composite desirability greater than the initial setting, Minitab automatically saves the new optimal setting.
You can also:
  • Return to the initial settings by clicking on the Toolbar
  • Reset the graph to the optimal settings clicking on the Toolbar
  • Save new factor settings by clicking on the Toolbar
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