Specify the options for Response Optimizer for mixture designs

Stat > DOE > Mixture > Response Optimizer > Options

This dialog box allows you to define a starting point for the search algorithm, suppress display of the optimization plot, and store the composite desirability values.

Components in design
Displays all the components that are included in the fitted model. This column does not take any input.
Starting value
If the algorithm produces unacceptable results, you can try to improve the results by entering a starting point for the search algorithm. To define a starting point for the search algorithm, enter a value for each component. Each value must be between the minimum and maximum levels for that component.
Optimization plot
Deselect to suppress the display of the plot. The default is to display the plot.
Store composite desirability values
Select to store the composite desirability value for each observation. Minitab stores the values after the last column of data in the column DESIR.
Display local solutions
Select to display the local solutions. The optimization algorithm searches from multiple start points. The endpoint of each search represents a local solution. The local solution with the highest composite desirability is called the global solution.
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