Select the results to display for ARIMA

Stat > Time Series > ARIMA > Results

Control the Display of Results
  • Display nothing: Select to display no output.
  • Table of final estimates, differencing information, residual sums of squares, and number of observations: Select to display a table of parameter estimates, differencing information, the number of observations, sums of squares statistics, and autocorrelation statistics.
  • In addition, table of estimates at each iteration (and back forecasts, if they are not dying out rapidly): Select to display the previous output, and a table that shows parameter estimates at each iteration and back forecasts if they are do not decrease rapidly.
  • In addition, correlation matrix of estimated parameters: Select to display the previous output and a correlation matrix of parameter estimates.
  • In addition, the back forecasts: Select to display the previous output and the back forecasts.
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