Select the results to display for Probit Analysis

Stat > Reliability/Survival > Probit Analysis > Results
Indicate the results that you want Minitab to display in the Session window.
  • Display nothing: Suppress all Session window output, but store calculated values (if requested) and display graphs.
  • Response information, regression table, test for equal slopes, log-likelihood, multiple DF test and 2 goodness-of-fit tests: Display the main output but suppress the distribution parameter estimates, the table of percentiles, and the survival probabilities.
  • In addition, distribution parameter estimates, table of percentiles and survival probabilities: Display all major Session window output, including the results that you selected on the Estimate subdialog box.
  • In addition, characteristics of distribution and the Hosmer-Lemeshow goodness-of-fit test: Display all Session window output, including the mean, median, standard deviation, and quartile values for the distribution model, and results of an additional goodness-of-fit test.
Show log-likelihood for each iteration of algorithm
Display the log-likelihood at each iteration of the parameter estimation process. The log-likelihood is the expression that is maximized to find optimal values of the estimates. Log-likelihood values cannot be used alone as an index of fit because they are a function of sample size, but they can be used to compare two models with the same number of parameters.
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