Overview of Pre-Process Warranty Data

Use Pre-Process Warranty Data to reformat raw data into a format that is appropriate for performing a life data analysis.

Frequently, reliability field data is tracked and recorded in the form of the number of systems shipped and the number of systems returned from the shipment in subsequent time periods. When several shipments are made at different dates and their corresponding returns are noted, the recorded data often appear in the worksheet in the form of a triangular matrix.

Although recording data in a triangular matrix format is convenient, the format is incompatible with the way that data must be entered for a time-to-failure analysis. Therefore, you can use this command to reformat your data into arbitrarily censored data that is grouped into intervals. After using this command, your data will be properly arranged in the worksheet to perform a life data analysis, such as warranty prediction.

Where to find this analysis

To reformat pre-process warranty data, choose Stat > Reliability/Survival > Warranty Analysis > Pre-Process Warranty Data.

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