Table of survival probabilities for Parametric Distribution Analysis (Right Censoring)

The survival probabilities show the probability that the product survives until a particular time. Use these values to determine whether your product meets reliability requirements, or to compare the reliability of two or more designs of a product.

Use these values only when the distribution fits the data adequately. If the distribution does no fit the data well, these estimates may not be accurate. Use the distribution ID plot, probability plot, and goodness-of-fit measures to determine whether the distribution adequately fits the data.

Example 0utput

Table of Survival Probabilities 95.0% Normal CI Time Probability Lower Upper 70 0.374299 0.263102 0.497141


For the engine windings data, 0.37429, or 37.429%, of the engine windings lasted at least 70 hours at 80° C. In other words, the probability that the engine windings have not failed by 70 hours is 0.37429.

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