Parameter estimates table for Parametric Distribution Analysis (Arbitrary Censoring)

The parameter estimates for the distributions are as follows:
  • Scale: Exponential distribution
  • Shape and scale: Weibull distribution
  • Location and scale: Smallest extreme value, normal, lognormal, logistic, and loglogistic distributions
  • Threshold: 3-parameter Weibull, 2-parameter exponential, 3-parameter lognormal, 3-parameter loglogistic distributions

The parameter estimates define the best-fitting parameter estimates for the distribution that you select. All other parametric distribution analysis graphs and statistics are based on the distribution. Therefore, to obtain accurate estimates, the distribution that you select for the analysis must adequately fit the data.

You cannot determine from the estimated distribution parameters whether the distribution that you selected fits the data well. Use the distribution ID plot, probability plot, and goodness-of-fit measures to determine whether the distribution adequately fits the data.

Example output

Parameter Estimates Standard 95.0% Normal CI Parameter Estimate Error Lower Upper Shape 5.76770 0.174361 5.43589 6.11977 Scale 82733.7 501.285 81757.0 83722.0


For the muffler data, the engineers selected a Weibull distribution. For the new type of mufflers, the shape and scale parameters that define the best-fitting Weibull distribution are shape = 5.76770 and scale = 82733.7.

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