Planning values for Estimation Test Plan

The planning values are any two of the estimates that you provided:
  • Shape (Weibull distribution) or scale (other distributions) parameter
  • Scale (Weibull or exponential distribution) or location (other distributions) parameter
  • Percentile for a given percent
  • A different percentile for a given percent

Minitab uses the two values that you provide to calculate the rest of the necessary planning information. For example, when you provide two percentiles, Minitab uses these values to determine the scale (exponential distribution), the shape and scale (Weibull distribution) or the scale and location (other distributions).

Example output

Type I right-censored data (Single Censoring) Estimated parameter: 10th percentile Calculated planning estimate = 393.094 Target Confidence Level = 95% Precision in terms of a one-sided confidence interval that gives a lower bound for the parameter. Planning Values Percentile values 500, 1000 for percents 12, 20


For the insulation data, you provided the following planning values:

500 for the 12th percentile

1000 for the 20th percentile

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