Select the parametric analysis options for Distribution Overview Plot (Arbitrary Censoring)

Stat > Reliability/Survival > Distribution Analysis (Arbitrary Censoring) > Distribution Overview Plot > Options

If you selected a parametric analysis, you can specify the following options for the analysis.

Estimation Method
  • Maximum Likelihood: Estimate the distribution parameters by maximizing the likelihood function.
  • Least Squares (failure time(X) on rank(Y)): Estimate the distribution parameters by fitting a regression line to the points on a probability plot.

For more information on these two methods, go to Least squares estimation method and maximum likelihood estimation method.

Show different variables or by levels
Indicate how you want to display the graphs for each variable or each level of the By variable. You can overlay the graphs for each variable (or each level) on the same graph, or you can display each graph separately.
Minimum and Maximum X Scale
  • Use default values: Use the values that Minitab automatically determines for the minimum and the maximum of the X scale.
  • Use: Select to enter a minimum value for the X scale or a maximum value for the X scale, or both.
You can enter a custom title for the graphs.
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