Interpretation summary for Distribution Overview Plot (Arbitrary Censoring)

Use Distribution Overview Plot (Arbitrary Censoring) to do one of the following:
  • Select a distribution and then view four graphs—probability plot, probability density function, survival plot, and hazard plot—based on this distribution.
  • Not select a distribution and use a nonparametric method to view up to two graphs—survival plot and hazard plot.

These graphs provide different views of the distribution of your data.

Data description

A company set the warranty of its new type of mufflers at 50,000 miles. The reliability group wants to assess the reliability of the new mufflers and estimate the proportion of warranty claims that they can expect. The measurement of interest is the number of miles driven on the new type of muffler when the warranty claim is made.

The company selects a Weibull distribution to describe the data.

Data: MufflerReliability.MTW

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