Overview of Demonstration Test Plan

Use Demonstration Test Plan to determine the sample size or testing time needed to demonstrate, with some level of confidence, that the reliability exceeds a given standard.

A demonstration test plan is used with two types of demonstration tests:
  • Substantiation tests provide statistical evidence that a redesigned system has suppressed or significantly reduced a known cause of failure.
  • Reliability tests provide statistical evidence that a reliability specification has been achieved.

Minitab provides an m-failure test plan for substantiation and reliability testing. If more than m failures occur in an m-failure test, the test fails.

For example, the reliability goal for a turbine engine combustor is a 1st percentile of at least 2000 cycles. An engineer uses a demonstration test plan to determine the number of combustors needed to demonstrate the reliability goal using a 1-failure test plan.

Where to find this analysis

To create a demonstration test plan, choose Stat > Reliability/Survival > Test Plans > Demonstration.

When to use an alternate analysis

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