Specify the censoring columns for Accelerated Life Testing

Stat > Reliability/Survival > Test Plans > Accelerated Life Testing > Censor

If you have right-censored data, you must specify the censoring columns for the analysis. Censoring indicators can be numbers, text, or date/time values.

Use censoring columns
Enter the censoring column or columns. The first censoring column is paired with the first data column, the second censoring column is paired with the second data column, and so on. Each data column and its associated censoring column represent one sample, so those columns must be the same length. Different pairs of columns can have different lengths.
Censoring value
By default, Minitab uses the lowest value in the censoring column to indicate a censored observation. To use another censoring value, enter that value. Text values must be contained in double quotation marks.

For more information on censoring, go to Data censoring.

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