Interpretation summary for Accelerated Life Test Plan

Use accelerated life test plans to determine the number of test units and how to allocate these units across stress levels for an accelerated life test. Accelerated life test plans allow for right-censored or interval-censored data.

To obtain an accelerated test plan, you provide the stress levels and, optionally, the proportionate allocation of test units. Minitab evaluates the resulting plans and displays the best plans with respect to minimizing the variance.

Data description

You are testing capacitors at accelerated temperatures of 85, 105, and 125 degrees to determine the 1000-hour reliability under normal-use conditions of 45 degrees. You have 100 capacitors available to test and the following planning information:
  • Failure times tend to follow an exponential distribution.
  • The Arrhenius relationship with an intercept of −8.0 and slope of 0.5 appropriately models the relationship between log failure time and temperature.
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