Planning distribution and model for Accelerated Life Test Plan

Minitab displays information about the distribution and the intercept and slope of the accelerated life test model. Minitab also displays the assumed value of the shape or scale parameter as follows.
  • Weibull distribution: Minitab displays the shape parameter.
  • Exponential distribution: Minitab displays nothing; there is no shape parameter.
  • Other distributions: Minitab displays the scale parameter.

Example output

Planning Distribution Distribution Intercept Slope Exponential -8 0.5


For the capacitor data, Minitab calculates sample sizes assuming an exponential distribution and Arrhenius model with an intercept of −8 and a slope of 0.5. The model equation is:

Log failure time = −8 + 0.5*[11604.83/Temp + 273.16] + εp

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