What are supplementary data?

Supplementary data are additional data in the same form as the main classification set of data on which you perform a simple correspondence analysis. You can determine how these supplementary data are "scored" using the results from the main set. These supplementary data can be additional information from the same study, information from other studies, or target profiles. Minitab does not include these data when calculating the components, but you can obtain a profile and display supplementary data in graphs.

You can have row supplementary data or column supplementary data. Row supplementary data constitutes an additional rows of the contingency table, while column supplementary data constitutes an additional columns of the contingency table. Supplementary data must be entered in contingency table form. Therefore, each worksheet column of these data must contain c entries (where c is the number of contingency table columns) or r entries (where r is the number of contingency table rows).

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