Select the results to display for Factor Analysis

Stat > Multivariate > Factor Analysis > Results
Indicate the results that you want Minitab to display in the Session window.
  • Do not display: Suppress all Session window and graphical output, but store calculated values (if requested).
  • Loadings only: Display the factor loadings (and sorted loadings, if requested) for the final solution.
  • Loadings and factor score coefficients: Display the factor loadings and scores.
  • All and MLE iterations: Display all the Session window output, including the factor loadings, scores, and information on the iterations (if you use the maximum likelihood estimation method).
Sort loadings
Select to sort the loadings in the Session window (within a factor if the maximum absolute loading occurs there).
Zero loadings less than
Select to enter a value at which loadings will be rounded to 0. Loadings less than this value will be displayed as 0.
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