Store the results for Cluster Observations

Stat > Multivariate > Cluster Observations > Storage

You can save results from your analysis to the worksheet so that you can use them in other analyses, graphs, and macros. Minitab stores the selected results in the column that you enter. For more details on any of these results, go to Amalgamation steps and Final partition.

Results that you can store

Cluster membership column
Enter a column to store the final cluster membership for each observation. This column can then be used as a categorical variable in other Minitab analyses, such as discriminant analysis.

If you do not enter a storage column, the results will show the total number of observations in each cluster, but will not indicate the cluster to which each observation belongs.

Distance between observations and cluster centroids
Enter columns to store the distance between each observation and each cluster centroid. The number of columns specified must equal the number of clusters specified for the initial partition. Minitab stores the distances as Euclidean distances. These values can help you evaluate the within-cluster variation. For example, you can identify observations, such as extreme outliers, that are most like or most different than the average observation of each cluster.
Distance matrix
Enter a storage matrix (M) for the N x N distance matrix, where N is the number of observations. To view the stored matrix, choose Data > Display Data. For information on creating and using stored matrices in Minitab, go to Overview for Matrices.
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