The following tables show the default keyboard shortcuts provided by Minitab. To see a full list of all assigned shortcut keys, including any custom keys you have added using Tools > Customize > Keyboard, choose Help > Keyboard Map.


Command Shortcut
Open Help F1


Command Shortcut
Create a new worksheet Ctrl+N
Open a project Ctrl+O
Save a project Ctrl+S
Print the current window Ctrl+P

Minitab windows

Command Shortcut
Open Command Line Editor Ctrl+L
Open Session window Ctrl+M
Open Data window Ctrl+D
Open Project Manager Ctrl+I
Switch between windows Ctrl+Tab

Session window

Command Shortcut
Submit a command Enter (default)
Add a line break Ctrl+Enter (default)
Go to the next command F2
Go to the previous command Alt+F2

Data window

Command Shortcut
Go to the next row/column Ctrl+Enter
Go to ... Ctrl+G
Move one screen down, up, left, or right Ctrl+arrow key
Go to the beginning of the worksheet Ctrl+Home
Go to the end of the worksheet Ctrl+End
Format the current numeric column Ctrl+B
Enter cell edit mode Alt+Enter


Command Shortcut
Close the active graph window Alt+F4
Duplicate the active graph F3
Edit the selected graph object Ctrl+T
Move the selected objects by 1 pixel arrow key
Move the selected objects by 5 pixels Shift+arrow key
Move the selected objects by 10 pixels Ctrl+arrow key
Move the selected objects by 50 pixels Ctrl+Shift+arrow key

Editing (cells or text)

Command Shortcut
Copy Ctrl+C *
Cut Ctrl+X *
Paste/Insert Ctrl+V *
Select an area Shift+arrow key *
Find Ctrl+F
Replace Ctrl+H
Select All (also graphs) Ctrl+A

* These editing shortcuts also work inside dialog boxes.

Dialog boxes

Command Shortcut
Edit the previous dialog box Ctrl+E
Reset the defaults F3
Move forward one item Tab
Move backward one item Shift+Tab
Move anywhere in a dialog box Alt+underlined letter
Choose Cancel Exc
Open a drop-down list F4 or Alt+down arrow

Canceling operations

Command Shortcut
Cancel a macro, Exec, graph, or analysis Ctrl+Break

Project Manager

Command Shortcut
Show the Session folder Ctrl+Alt+M
Show the Worksheet folder Ctrl+Alt+D
Show the Graphs folder Ctrl+Alt+G
Show the Info Ctrl+Alt+I
Show the History folder Ctrl+Alt+H
Show the ReportPad Ctrl+Alt+R
Show the Related Documents folder Ctrl+Alt+L
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