The Minitab Project Manager organizes your project, and helps you manage your output and share your results.

Organization of the Project Manager

The Minitab Project Manager organizes your Minitab project components, including worksheets and graphs, into folders. The folders in the Project Manager include the following information for the current project.
A list of all graphs and Session window output by command.
A log of all the commands that you have used in the project.
A list of all the graphs.
All output, graphs, and text that you have added to the ReportPad.
Related Documents
A list of program files, documents, or internet URLs that are related to your Minitab project.
The Columns, Constants, Matrices, and Design subfolders for each open worksheet.
For example, the following image shows the Project Manager with the Session folder open.

Display the Project Manager

To display the Project Manager, do one of the following:

  • Click the Project Manager button on the Project Manager toolbar.
  • Click a button for a folder on the Project Manager toolbar.
  • Choose Window > Project Manager.
  • Press Ctrl+I.

To access an individual item (for example, a graph) from a Project Manager folder, double-click the item. You may have to minimize the Project Manager in order to see the item.

Examples of using the Project Manager

The following are some examples of the tasks you can perform from the Project Manager.
Add a link to a non-Minitab file or a web page
Right-click the Related Documents folder and choose Add Link.
Rename a piece of output, such as a graph
In the Session folder, right-click the output or graph and choose Edit Title.
Rename a worksheet
In the Worksheets folder, right-click the worksheet name and choose Rename.
Add a description to a column
In the Columns folder for the worksheet, right-click the column and choose Set Description.
Add a description to a constant
In the Constants folder for the worksheet, right-click the constant name and choose Set Description.
Add a description to a matrix
In the Matrices folder for the worksheet, right-click the matrix name and choose Set Description.
Run a command again
In the History folder, select the commands and subcommands, right-click them, and choose Command Line Editor. Click Submit Commands.
Sort worksheets or output
In the Session or Worksheets folder, right-click and choose to sort by worksheet, by order of creation, or by title.

Tile your graphs to see them all at one time

  1. Choose Window > Project Manager.
  2. Click the Graphs folder.
  3. Select the graphs that you want to tile. Press the Ctrl key as you click the titles of the graphs in the right pane of Project Manager.
  4. Right-click any selected graph title and choose Tile.
  5. Click the minimize button in the upper right corner of Project Manager if it obstructs the tiled graphs.
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