About graph titles, subtitles, and footnotes

Titles, subtitles, and footnotes identify and document your graph. Every graph is given a title based on the type of graph and the variables you select. For example, if you draw a scatterplot of the Sales and Adv variables in your worksheet, Minitab names the graph Scatterplot of Sales vs Adv. Some graphs also have default subtitles and footnotes.

By default, titles and subtitles appear centered above the graph; footnotes appear at the lower left.


The graph title should not be confused with the graph file name, which is displayed in the graph window title bar and in the graph folder of the Project Manager. Changing a graph title does not change the graph file name and vice versa.

Add or modify a title, subtitle, or footnote

Graphs can have multiple titles, subtitles, and footnotes.


You can display the project name, worksheet name, date, time, or custom text (such as your company's name) automatically on all the graphs you create. Choose Tools > Options > Graphics > Annotation > My Footnote and select the items that you want to include.

  • To specify the title and add subtitles or footnotes when you create a graph: in the dialog box for the graph you are creating, click Labels.
  • To add them to an existing graph: with the graph active, choose Editor > Add and choose the item to add.
  • To change the text, font, size, color, and alignment of the title, subtitle, or footnote, select and double-click the item.
  • To move a title, subtitle, or footnote, drag it to a new location.

Examples of modifying titles, subtitles, and footnotes

Default title
Custom title and subtitle
Custom title, subtitles, and footnotes
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