About graph annotation

Graph annotation refers to objects added to a graph to make it easier to interpret. In Minitab, you can add:
  • Text
  • Rectangles and squares
  • Circles and ellipses
  • Marker symbols
  • Polylines (continuous lines composed of one or more line segments)
  • Polygons (custom shapes with three or more sides)

Graph annotation examples

Times series plot of sales trends

In this graph, a rectangle, ellipse, text, and lines were added.

Scatterplot of additive amount vs. plastic strength

In this graph, a polyline (or polygon) and text to highlight groups was added. Also, individual symbols were modified, and text, a rectangle, and a marker symbol were added to make a custom legend.

Add annotation to graphs

Use the Graph Annotation Tools toolbar to add annotation items to graphs.

Graph Annotation Tools toolbar
  • To add an annotation, with the graph active, click the item on the Graph Annotation Tools toolbar, and then click and drag on the graph to place the item.
  • To edit an annotation, select and double-click the annotation.

Copy or duplicate annotation

  • To copy annotation text to a different graph, select the text and choose Editor > Copy Text. In the destination graph, choose Edit > Paste.
  • To duplicate an annotation, select the annotation and choose Editor > Annotation > Duplicate Annotation.

    You can copy and paste the annotation from one location on the current graph to a different location on the same graph, but not to a different graph.

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