Titles, subtitles, and footnotes

The default title for a graph identifies the type of the graph and the variables that are presented in the graph. Some graphs also have subtitles or footnotes. For example, the following histogram has a title, subtitle, and footnote.

To specify the title text or to add subtitles or footnotes when you create a graph, click Labels. To add titles, subtitles, or footnotes to an existing graph, click the graph and choose Editor > Add > Title, Subtitle, or Footnote. To edit a title, subtitle, or footnote, double-click it.


To create a custom footnote that appears on all your graphs and that includes items such as the date or the project name, choose Tools > Options > Graphics > Annotation > My Footnote.

Text and font
You can change the text and the font, style, size, and color of the text on the Font tab. For example, the following boxplot has a custom title, subtitle, and footnote. The title, subtitle, and footnote are green, instead of the default color, which is black.
You can drag a title, subtitle, or footnote anywhere on the graph. To specify an exact location, you can enter the following on the Alignment tab:
  • Position: Select the position of the item relative to the figure region. (Usually, the figure region covers the entire graph.) For example, to center the item, select Centered.
  • Offset: Select Custom. In Horizontal, enter the number of figure units to move the item to the left (−) or the right (+) of the selected position. In Vertical, enter the number of figure units to move the item down (−) or up (+) from the selected position.
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