Make similar or duplicate graphs

Minitab has three features that you can use to re-create customized graphs. Click the graph and choose any of the following.
Editor > Make Similar Graph
Replace any of the variables that are used to create a graph, without changing any of the graph's other characteristics, including customizations. For example, the following histogram of the variable Downstream includes customized bars and a fitted distribution line. Use Editor > Make Similar Graph to create an identical histogram for the variable Upstream.
Variable: Downstream
Variable: Upstream
Editor > Duplicate Graph
Create an exact copy of the graph, including any annotations or edits.
Editor > Copy Command Language
Copy the session commands that created the graph, including any editing that you did to the graph. You can paste the session commands into a text editor or into the Command Line Editor (Edit > Command Line Editor), and edit them. Session commands are used in macros.
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